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Please visit for the latest tutorials and the rest of what DZ has to offer ^_^

After many of emails, among other things, asking how to make all sorts of stuff that I have in my wallpapers, I thought that making some tutorials would be a good idea ^_^

If you have any ideas for more tutorials please let me know. More than likely it would make it as a tutorial pretty quickly. Also, I try to make these for all levels of experience with Macromedia's Fireworks. Whether you're just begining or interested in some more tricks with Fireworks these should help.

Fireworks is my favorite and most used graphics program and if you not familiar with it I'd recommend you check it out. It's both user friendly and powerful and makes for a very nice image editing and creating program. Goto Macromedia's site for all the info as well as some demo's. And here's the tutorials:

Custom Shapes