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Fireworks Custom Shapes Tutorial

This tutorial is meant for just about anyone wanting to make custom shapes with Fireworks whether you've been using it for a while or are just begining. I've had a lot of e-mails about this, so I thought it'd be a good idea just to do this. I'll go over some pretty basic shapes as well as the "tattoo/tribal" looking shapes. I won't do anything too detailed because once you have the basic's you can play with that to make just about anything.

Alrighty, first we'll start with some fairly simple custom circles. Let's just make a circle, make sure it has a fill color and it doesn't matter whether it has a line color. Now make another circle, and make this one a bit smaller then the first one and make sure it's above the first one. And now the magic of combine, select both circles (hold shift while clicking both of them, or drag your cursor over them) now go up to the "modify" menu, then down to "combine" and then "punch." POW, now you should have an O shape. BTW, when making any shape if you hold the shift key you can make a more uniform shape, like a perfect circle, instead of an oval.

Techy-time, now to change it a bit more so it looks like some of those techy circles you see in a some wallpapers. Go ahead and make some squares, and place them around the circle. Now select one of the squares and the circle and do the modify, combine, and punch again. And keep doing that till you've used all of you squares. Again, this is just the most basic of what you can do with this. Play with the different shapes, distort, twist and do all you want to these to make all sorts of cool stuff ^_^

Keep going for the tribal shapes -->