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New Additions
July 28

I didn't exactly mean this to be a wallpaper but it's the right size so it can be if you want ^_^
I made this after someone suggest I do so. I took some screen shots of one of the cinematics in Warcraft 3 and used those as references to build Frostmourne. I tried to keep it as exact as the original, but I'm not that good, I am pretty happy with it though.

I scanned this image in from the Art of Warcraft book. There aren't too many usable pictures in there, but most of them are still really cool. The models they put in there of the WC3 enemies are amazing, sooo much detail!
As for the bg, I was going for the usual ol evil look that just really seemed to fit him. Chaos, destruction and a nice big fire is what you should get outta this ^_^

I've had this picture for quite some time and have wanted to make a wall for it for just as long, but only just recently got around to it. I made the big shape on the left outta vectors with a bit of refernce from a picture of the Zohar generator/disk from Xenosaga. I thought it would fit the techy look I wanted. This is one of few walls I'm really satisfied with.