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This has some of the nicest art I have ever seen, some seriously amazing drawing and cging skills. Also they used to have a very nice drawing and photoshop tutorial but now someone else is hosting it.

Striding Studio
Another amazing artist as well as some really cool Photoshop tutorials.

This has a very large collection of a bunch of artists drawings and wallpapers. Some very nice CGing going on with some of those pics.

A cool online store for just about anything anime or mech. This has some pretty hard to find figures too.

Anime Alliance
This is a good place for getting people intrested in Anime to find out about your page. You can submit any link you want to many different sections, as well as have it registered into their search engine.

Anime Cubed
This has just about everything that's anime, especially lots of good quality and large images, great for making wallpapers.

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